Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is at the very heart of our school. We provide a safe, happy environment where each pupil can thrive and develop into the person they are. We ensure this through close working relationships between our pupils and teachers, close monitoring of our pupils’ academic, personal and social progress and through the high quality and dedication of our teachers.

You really helped me understand when I was struggling and you always have had so much patience with me.

Year 8 child

We enable each of our children to realise their talents and strengths, whether that it is in academic subjects or in co-curricular activities. Our teachers know our pupils extremely well and can ensure that their talents are spotted and developed. We celebrate diversity and embrace the individuality of each of our pupils – actively promoting equal opportunities regardless of ability, religion, race culture or gender.

We believe it is very important to build up the self-esteem and self-confidence of all of our pupils to ensure that they are happy and fulfilled in the next stage of their education and throughout life. We are particularly proud that many of our former pupils come back to visit and indeed work at our school. Our pupils develop long term friendships that last through secondary school and into later life. These friendships provide a solid foundation for meeting the challenges of school, university and work.